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  1. Nope, one license and I have it on two amazon HD 10s, one 8, one iPad and three iPhones.
  2. Nope, ActionTiles has a app for Amazon.
  3. Using ActionTiles on two amazon hd 10’s and the whole family likes them, one upstairs and one by front door. I believe it’s pretty similar to SharpTools.
  4. Thanks for the heads up Pavalov!
  5. I will throw my .02 in here also. ST is a great alternative to IRIS but for us not very tech savvy people who just want things to work out of the box it’s just okay. I really liked the the app set up with IRIS, we live in Washington State and have a house in Arizona. Seeing the history first thing when opening the IRIS app and ease of checking both places was great......a little less convenient than ST and I personally hate the history of every little thing the hub does. Switched over to Arlo cams (which I really like but don’t see much difference than IRIS) viewing in ST sucks I use the Arlo
  6. GoCougs

    My .02

    In fact it’s better than IRIS as it also gives me the option to text the new code to my renter when I enter it......didn’t have that option with IRIS!
  7. GoCougs

    My .02

    Yes your missing something.......I also have a house in Arizona on HomeAway and luckily we had already planned a trip when this all happened and I was able to change everything but door sensors and camera over to SmartThings. You need the classic app to do it.....
  8. Thanks Vettester, do you happen to know if the Gen 1 cameras will eventually have audio also?
  9. Our three 2nd gen cameras at our house in Washington State now have audio! The crazy thing is the four cameras we have at our Arizona house don’t? Not sure if it’s a slow roll out update or what?