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  1. Thank you all for your help! Much simpler answer than looking thru all the posts!
  2. Ok, just need clarity here without all the fluff. Will Iris equipment work after March? Will the Iris equipment version one and version two work with smarthings? Sorry if this is some where else. I tried numerous different “different” searches and couldn’t filter for clarity! Thanks!!
  3. Checked my iris app today. I have a ups tracking number.
  4. Lexd1987

    Visa Cards

    That’s valid. Brand reputation does matter these days and could cost more than a legal affair in the long run.
  5. Lexd1987

    Visa Cards

    Here’s a question. If I depend upon Iris for security, fire and water monitoring and someone hasn’t received their gift card if an incident occurs at the residence without monitoring because an individual hasn’t received their card to buy replacement monitoring devices, will Lowe’s be held liable for damanges?