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  1. This isn't good...
  2. I will proceed to answer your inquiry focused on the ADT SmartThings Security Hub setup. 1. Keypad (wireless) to arm/disarm with a PIN. Yes. 2. Adjustable countdown time for arming/disarming. Yes. 3. Partial arming mode – ability to exclude any sensor from the Partial mode Yes. Away, and Stay modes. Stay mode is analgous to Partial. 4. Ability to exclude a sensor from all arming modes (Full, Partial, etc), however get notified every time the sensor is opened/triggered. Yes. 5. If at any time the sensor disconnects or goes offline, the system wi
  3. First and foremost, understand that I am hoping to get Arcus working on my old Iris 1st gen hardware, if for no other reason than to repurpose / gift it to my brother in law and his wife for their help to us over the years. I might just break down and grab them a Hubitat but I digress... My Iris system was simple, 2nd generation hub, a 2nd generation keypad, 2 2nd gen contact sensors, 1 2nd gen motion sensor. I Completed the perimeter with first generation contact sensors, and 5 OC 821 cameras. I had 2 Utlitiech indoor sirens. I had automations only using , a single 3rd generation smart s
  4. I am going to take another swing at this setup maybe this weekend... Any advice on getting the info on the cameras now that Iris is shut down so I can't go back into the hub and get that data?
  5. I'm still working on my taxes, and trying to set up my workspace as my wife had me remodel it... Not familiar with boot2docker, Does this have to be run from within docker or could it be worked from a KVM CentOS Virtual machine? I can whip something together and try to allow access here this weekend...
  6. BigHoss

    Arcus Smart Home

    I was thinking similar... Let me dig into the graphics and I will get back with you on that...
  7. What port do the cams operate on? I may have to poke some holes in my local firewall rules. FWIW, getting the MAC address / IP address map isn't too tough with my router. I am running DD-WRT so viewing what is on wired or wireless ethernet is fairly easy, once you know the MAC address. I am hopeful, but not 100% sure I can get my functions wanted enabled. #1. Get motion notifications. #2. Record video into SmartThings. Doesn't have to stay eternally, but 7 day file retention and ability to download would be about ideal. #3. On the cameras used indoors, I would
  8. Pretty basic after the coffee kicks in. Sorry, I am running on less than 4 hrs sleep last night. Brain not fully in gear today. Maybe reconfiguring the system_auth on that production server might have to wait until tomorrow. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to brew some rocket fuel.
  9. Without Iris, how would i go about getting the IP of the cameras is the bigger question...
  10. Okay I tried this before Iris died, and no joy. The devices would join, then I would move them to where they would have the final install and they wouldn't show up.... Now with Iris gone, how would I go about configuring these? I'd like to get use back out of my OC821s while they still have some life left in them.
  11. Standing at the ready for whatever we need to do...
  12. BigHoss

    Arcus Smart Home

    As I have mentioned elsewhere, I would absolutely hate to see Iris go away entirely, it was a pretty good system with a ton of potential that I think Lowes / Iris management never really allowed to come to fruition either by restriction, or simply not investing the staffing hours needed to get the job done 100%. I have migrated to ADT SmartThings, and am enjoying the ecosystem, but have several other projects that Iris / Arcus would be a good match for given the hardware that I currently have. So for now, until I learn of the eventual fate of Arcus, either the project launches, I sa
  13. There is a lot more that needs to happen. WIthout even glancing at the code, there is a cloud component to it, that would have to be set up, and the rest of the pieces would need to be pointed to the cloud part. Any missing holes in the code need to be filled in, and tons of testing needs to happen. The code right now is sitting at Anyone can grab it, and have a good run at it. I'd rather see this handled in an organized, sensible fashion, with one project working with multiple team members trying to achieve a common goal, nothing of that type has
  14. Just noticed that the Arcus code has been posted to The pieces seem to be... arcusipcd arcusplatform arcusweb arcusios arcusandroid I've said it before, I will say it again. I am not of the skill set to tackle this solo, but I have skills to offer to get this flying... The question I have is, is anyone launching an open source project to manage this and get it off the ground? I'd hate to see Iris totally gone, and I have applications where I can still use my old 1st gen stuff, the hub etc...
  15. Any updates on Arcus Smart Home? Conversation here has been dead....