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  1. Hi, We all really want to help you here. You may be out of patience at this point, but would it be possible to make a video on youtube of what you are doing so we can see ( just showing the camera and your screen)? Perhaps someone here will be able to spot something.
  2. The Thermostat I had trouble with was Z-Wave, and I just realized that the page for zigbee does not have an unpair button. I apologize, I must have misunderstood the Hubitat guy. I thought they had an unpair button for both Z-Wave and Zigbee.
  3. One thing you might try is to use the Hubitat page to unpair from hubitat then pair (if you haven't tried that). The guy from Hubitat says that unpairing actually works regardless of what hub you use. It causes it to unpair from everything. I used this with a Thermostat that didn't want to pair, and after a few tries, it worked.
  4. Since there is no Iris, you will probably just want to reset the camera. So you don't need any info from Iris. Just follow the step by step here:
  5. Hi, If you are able to get into the camera's admin, you can make it call an http URL when it senses motion (it will also record a 10 second video onto the sd card). Read this post on Hubitat forum ( Look for the part after "Finally back to the camera." I believe ST can use an incoming http GET as a trigger the same way Hubitat does..
  6. Has anyone had any success using the HTTP trigger (http://[cameraip]/adm/http_trigger.cgi)? These two sites: suggest that you can get the camera to take a video if you GET that URL, and you will get a return of OK. However, when I try it on my Lowe's indoor camera, it returns the word FAIL, and nothing shows up in the log (http://[cameraip]/adm/log.cgi). It would be great to get that to work.
  7. http://CAMERAIP/adm/get_group.cgi?group=SMBC [SMBC] smbc_enable=1 smbc_server= smbc_path= smbc_account= smbc_passwd=These cameras supposedly have SAMBA delivery which should allow you to save directly to another machine on the network. I have not been able to get it to work, however. In the logs I get either: Samba Event: Failed to upload file. Samba Event: Don't have permission to access the remote path Actually, it works fine writing to a linux box.