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  1. theprep

    Arcus Smart Home

    This is great news, excited to see what lies ahead! I have the latest hub, keypad, sensors and of course these cameras. If I could at least get the security portion working, I can change to Kasa cams.
  2. theprep

    Arcus Smart Home

    Thanks Andrew. I'll hang on to the gear, wish I had time to trudge through the Arcus cloud build but between work and my MG, time is precious. Awaiting the new wireless Kasa camera, bit late as it was to be released in July. Hopefully they're perfecting it.
  3. theprep

    Arcus Smart Home

    I was able to get the camera connected to my Android via Bluetooth, it then shows as a WiFi device, Properties then shows IP address. Unable to get the camera to connect with iSpy nor Blue Iris. Seems it would need to first be connected to my network which I am unsure how to do without a UI.
  4. theprep

    Arcus Smart Home

    Having a difficult time identifying the IP address on the camera, followed some older tutorials I used last time but the entire system/hub was still connected. Seemed to have lost my IP list.txt when my Windows 10 Bitlocker went haywire. Any suggestions on how to identify the IP address of the cameras? I was able to connect via Bluetooth the camera and my PC hoping I could backtrace and identify, no go thus far.
  5. theprep

    Arcus Smart Home

    I thought I remembered that being suggested before the Iris forums shutdown. I played around with a trial but could never get them connected some months back. Like a dummy, I did not delete my equipment from the Iris app. I did use some network tools to identify URL's etc, now to find what I wrote down. Looking at the BI list for Iris, none say that audio is supported. I emailed BI for support. How can I reset the cameras? I seem to recall holding a button 8 times or 8 seconds.
  6. theprep

    Arcus Smart Home

    I have all the last GEN equipment, hub, keypad, sensors, Wifi wireless cams. Is there any support or is it all junk? I know SmartThings, Wink and Hubitat support the sensors, I am mainly looking for a way to bring the cameras back online.