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  1. I got the Ring Pro doorbell at Best Buy with a free echo dot 3rd gen for $199 Ring alarm (smaller kit) at Best Buy with a free echo dot 2nd gen for $159 Subscribed to Protect Plus plan for $100 Ordered $500 stuff on with the Protect Plus 10% discount (you must wait 30 days after signing up for the discount) and saved $50. I suppose getting the service for free + 10% discount on hardware would be better, but I figured $50 off hardware I'd already buy was 50% of the cost of the Protect Plan itself
  2. I thought you had to initially use the new app to setup the V3 hub to begin with
  3. It definitely works, but like I said the online literature only mentions the classic app. Since this is a "new" sensor and they are migrating the new hubs to the new app, I would think it would do this in the new app... just wanted to confirm.
  4. I read that you can use the smart things multi sensor as a garage door tilt sensor. Does anyone know if you can use the tilt sensor function in the new app (not just classic app) ?
  5. Thanks for the summary. It's too bad the V3 cameras don't work, they actually were a great camera in my opinion and I have it hard wired/mounted outside. I installed a Ring doorbell that solves my live video / storage problem, but because it's pointed straight forward I don't have a great view of the porch (for packages) I'd be happy in the short term to relocate my indoor/outdoor V2 to my porch and have it simply able to pull still images on demand (but remotely Sounds like Spectral or Smartthings would work. Does the Smart Things work with the new app yet? Or onl
  6. Sorry to create duplicate threads, but would be a good idea to create a consolidated camera thread to discuss the options? I see multiple options; Specral, Smart Things, etc. and it's probably best to have the detailed discussions going on in each specific sub-forum, but I think it would be helpful to have a FAQ/Sticky on what the options are for the Cameras in one place. For example, List Compatible Systems: V1 Camera - Spectral (video/still) Smart Things (still only), etc., Blue IRIS ? V2 Indoor/Outdoor - Spectral (video/still) Smart Things (still on
  7. I haven’t gotten the manual $300 either , but My parents did. At least I’m not the only one that hasn’t gotten it.
  8. I can understand the concern regarding geofencing. Someone could steal your phone from your desk and even without unlocking the phone have your alarm disabled by sitting in the driveway. I think having a key fob would be the easy solution. Whether it works by pinging the hub or if you have to press a button it would still be an improvement. Simplisafe has a Fob and Samsung has an arrival sensor as well
  9. Where did you see that they will be coming out with new sensors ? I think the motion ones are the worst ... they’re huge. I bought 3 of each, and would consider returning if they could be out soon.
  10. Thanks for the tip, I see Everspring listed as a supported device so hopefully that or picking utilitech will work. Why is everyone just using the classic app, the new one looks so much nicer ?
  11. jeff909

    Visa Cards

    I used it on bestbuy online with in store pickup, no issue
  12. I've previously decided to go with Ring for Cameras/Security, but I just purchased a Smart Things V3 hub and ported a lot of my devices over GE Switches, RGB Bulbs, Honeywell thermostat, and I bought some new ST smart plugs and smart buttons App: I didn't really understand until after I bought it, but at least to me it appears most people on here prefer the classic app due to the customization, unsupported devices, etc. Personally, I actually really like the new app as it's really clean and looks like apple homekit Alexa Integration: Everything syncs, no issues Unsupp
  13. jeff909

    Visa Cards

    Wonder when the second “add on cards” will ship. Don’t have any tracking or record for that one , it was just over the phone verification
  14. jeff909

    Visa Cards

    Did anyone register online ? If you go to that site it looks a little sketchy ...
  15. jeff909

    Visa Cards

    My $1,000 card is showing it shipped, to arrive Thursday. No info on the second ~ $200 card.
  16. Sorry for adding yet another thread, but I don't see this topic being discussed yet. I'm sure they mean it when they say 3/31 is the planned shutdown.... but ..... what are the chances that the gift cards don't get shipped out quickly and Lowe's decides they don't want to leave people hanging and they extend the shut down date a few months? Or..... despite saying they did not find a buyer, That their own employees or some separate company gets access to their code, and the devices/app function in April under another name? I think it's very very very unlikely that this happe
  17. Can you have the old and new app working at the same time ? (if you don't know yet what you'll prefer) ?
  18. So just like the title of this thread, I've been researching the Ring for a few weeks. Most of my comments have already been posted by others, but I thought I'd summarize my review of the system after 2 days. I bought: Ring Pro Doorbell Ring Alarm Overall App I'm pretty impressed with the app. It's very clean looking and quick. The look changes a little from the Doorbell after you add the alarm... and again if you enable the clip preview function but I'm very happy with it. From what I gather, Smart Things sounds like it has a ton of programming op
  19. My usage sounds identical to yours... always enter through the garage and the Schlage is for guest. That's what I'm saying that for my rare guest use, I never have a complaint... but when I'm testing it again/again/again I see the issues. If it works fine for guests I'm OK with it.
  20. I got it work. I agree, I generally it seems more responsive than Iris Also you couldn’t add guest pins easy with Iris, (had to setup a user). You can just add a guest pin piece of cake with ring. I like that. 4/5 times the lock works ... but occasionally when testing it again and again it just says failed to work. I had the same issue with Iris with repeated use ... I just accepted it. For using it just once to arrive and once to leave it never failed. Ever have that problem?
  21. Double checking .... did you have to in-pair the Schlage lock from Iris before it would allow you to pair ? I’m a little reluctant to unpair until I’m ready to move on from Iris but I was curious to see if it was possible to have it paired to both. Is the process just pushing the Schlage button, entering the 6 digit original code then 0, then the Ring app finds it ? Didn’t work for me but I hadn’t removed it from Iris.
  22. My trim piece where my existing door bell is very narrow, the ring 2 wouldn't look at good.
  23. Ok thanks for the clarification. Id like to maximize the savings but honestly with my door the Pro would look a lot better than the 2 so I don’t mind paying a little more. My strategy instead of Costco... 1. Buy the Pro doorbell at Best Buy w/ free Echo Dot for $199. (Website says Dot 2nd gen but display said 3rd gen in store) 2. Install and sign up for $100/year service. 3. One benefit of the Pro service is a 10% discount on Ring hardware. I plan on buying the stick up cam, Siren, flood sensor , etc, anyhow so the 10% over those items would be nice. Not
  24. Wait a second .... the year of protect monitoring service costs $100/year Are you saying the 10 piece alarm kit ($259 on is only $219 and you get the $100/year protect plan for free? I don’t doubt they would give you the $30/year camera plan with a doorbell for free but sorry if I’m skeptical but giving you the $259 10 piece alarm system + $100 protect plan ($359 value) for $219 seems too good to be true. Is it ?
  25. I keep seeing a lot of potential with Ring, but some things that could be improved. They have lighting products that were shown at CES that are for sale on their site that also include a lighting hub and a smaller motion sensor than the one that comes with the alarm kit. I checked with their support, that new smaller motion sensor only works with the lighting and it does not work for the alarm. Seems a little silly doesn't it... that you can buy the ring alarm hub.... but that all the other lighting products communicate with a separate hub and it's not a universal hub?