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  1. Can someone explain to me how to use the Iris cameras independent of the Iris servers?
  2. Actually Amazon has them for a couple of buck cheaper.
  3. Those will work but you can get the SmartThings latest sensor at Best Buy right now for $19.95 and they will detect water hitting them from the top.
  4. Probably a moot point but I just wanted to mention today is the expiration date for the 1st round of gift cards sent for the V1 items. If you happen to have any with a balance left better process today or any balance is history. A good way to burn off any remaining balance is to add it to your Amazon gift card.
  5. Can you send us some screenshots of you talking on that watch? Or better yet maybe a shoe phone?
  6. Their house brand Titanium are very good and about a buck apiece.
  7. You need to turn the heat up, way too cold in your crib.
  8. Hey guys great news with SystronicRF. I'm glad the V1 devices are still usable. If anyone has a need for more V1 hardware I have a ton of brand new never paired devices if anyone needs any.
  9. Save yourself the aggravation. Here is a WiFi plug that reports energy and has built in scheduling with it's app for 9 bucks each for a 2 pack. I'm using these for remote hub rebooting if necessary.
  10. Not necessarily, they could be used to shock some reality into the moron Marvin Ellison. Speaking of which has everyone seen the latest from one of his cronies he brought from his disaster at JC Penney?
  11. I have a bunch of all of the above if anyone needs any.
  12. That Otto is one smart a*s I mean cookie.