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  1. V1 was probably mostly due to the battery pack it contained. V2 just has AA batteries that can be easily removed.
  2. Negative. I only am showing a single location and hub in both the mobile app, and API.
  3. Has anyone else needed to contact support for any issues on Smartthings? I've now contacted them twice but have not received any responses. One ticket is 2 weeks old. The other is 1 week, 2 days. I still have a ticket opened because I could not get ANY zigbee devices to pair. That's since been resolved. My other ticket I opened just over a week ago is due to some kind of issue with my profile. I can't login on any devices except for the PC I originally logged into the web interface on, and the Samsung S9 I set up for both the classic and new apps. I use the exact same username/pass
  4. I can't say I recommend Smartthings to be responsible for the security of my home, but I recommend it for the home automation side! I've been impressed with it so far. Plus, it's kind of nice not to put all of "my eggs in one basket" again like I had with Iris. The only bummer is having two separate systems that don't necessary communicate with each other.
  5. Already paid out of pocket for all my replacement devices unfortunately. I wanted to do it at a pace that I was comfortable with. Waiting on the gift card would be cutting it WAY too close for me. I plan to hold onto my gift card for a bit and possibly use it to purchase an EVSE if I choose to go with an Electric Vehicle after my current lease is up. 🙂
  6. Dan87

    My .02

    I've been able to pair devices to my smartthings hub from nearly anywhere in my house. Iris definitely could not do that! In fact, I paired all of my smoke detectors without moving them at all, or the hub!
  7. Dan87

    Visa Cards

    Hate when I'm right. Got an email that a delivery attempt was made, but no one was available to sign so it wasn't delivered. My post office is opened the exact hours I work too. Should be fun.
  8. Dan87

    Visa Cards

    Man, am I glad I looked manually for the tracking number. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Lowes never sent an email with tracking information or anything. My gift card is supposed to be delivered TOMORROW. Good thing I have meetings scheduled all day and can't be home to sign for it. My post office is one that does not deliver anything without a signature. 🤬
  9. I would definitely not be counting on this. Either way I'd plan for moving forward and don't even consider that scenario to be a possibility. Start making a plan now and start making steps to retire Iris.
  10. Dan87

    Visa Cards

    No, Lowes would be held harmless for a circumstance such as that. They only damages they'd incur would be potential PR burns.
  11. Dan87

    Researching the Ring.

    Honestly I rarely enter through the door that I have the deadbolt on. We typically enter in through the garage when coming home. The Schlage deadbolt is on the front door, mainly for guest/family use.
  12. I'd like that code as well. I may consider that! I bought a GE fan controller switch, but this could work better because I'd be able to maintain use of my light also. My Harbor Breeze fan from Lowes had its fan controller fail. A new one costs nearly as much as a new fan itself. I've read it's a common failure on this brand, so this other controller that pairs with Smartthings sounds right up my ally!
  13. Dan87

    Researching the Ring.

    The most beautiful part of Ring, every device that I've paired, I've been able to do from anywhere in my house. Where Iris would want the device to be within 10 feet of the hub, so you'd have to either bring the device TO Iris, or get a super long network cord and carry the hub around the house. The Ring hub is Wireless for one, but secondly, I haven't needed to bring devices anywhere near the hub for it to work.
  14. Dan87

    Researching the Ring.

    You must unpair from Iris first. Pairing to Ring took me less than 1 minute, literally! It was a very smooth process for me. The process for pairing it to RIng is identical to Iris. I want to say the Ring app walked me through it also.
  15. Dan87

    Visa Cards

    Doesn't make any sense to me why they wouldn't just mail a CHECK instead. It would be much better for their customers, and would have been easier for them, too.