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I purchased a ring alarm (and a bunch of extra sensors), video doorbell pro, flood light cam, and stick up cam from best buy.
The alarm came with a free echo dot, the doorbell was $50 off and came with a free dot, and the flood light cam was $30 off and came with a free dot.
So all together I saved $80 and additionally got $120 worth of echo dots for free... because I wanted the extra dots I opted for this over the costco promo, because it seemed like the best deal.
Looks like they still have the free echo dots, but don't have the sale prices at the moment. Definitely worth watching their sales though.

Edit: The ring alarm was also on sale. I saved $50 on it also... so that was a total of $130 in savings before the $120 worth of echo dots.

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I got the Ring Pro doorbell at Best Buy with a free echo dot 3rd gen for $199

Ring alarm (smaller kit) at Best Buy with a free echo dot 2nd gen for $159

Subscribed to Protect Plus plan for $100  

Ordered $500 stuff on Ring.com with the Protect Plus 10% discount (you must wait 30 days after signing up for the discount) and saved $50.

I suppose getting the service for free + 10% discount on hardware would be better,   but I figured $50 off hardware I'd already buy was 50% of the cost of the Protect Plan itself

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