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So the SystronicsRF system has at least one huge, IMO, advantage over my ST system.  For some reason the SD card on my system crashed.  It would not boot and I was dead in the water.  I bought a new SD card installed the a new control system then SystronicsRF was able to put my system back just as it was before it crashed.  All my rules and devices came back just as they were.  I had to go around to some of my V1 sensors and remove and re-install the battery, which could be a bit of a pain on a large system but beats the crap out of starting from scratch.

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I don't think there really is at this point.  I asked about this back during the beta testing.  As I would like to keep my own copy.  The guys are very responsive but I would like to have a ready to pop in backup of the SD card.

What they said back then was, they keep hourly backups of your system and 14 days of a nightly backup.

They said they would offer the ability to download a system backup directly from your CS at some point, but that point has yet to arrive.

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The approach adopted for backing up and recovering the system is outlined below. 

We are currently intervening at the point when the automated recovery is started, mainly to monitor the process.  This intervention will be removed in due course.

To date, only @Terminal has needed to recover his system.  Apart from needing to remove and replace the batteries in a few devices, his system was recovered 100%, and he was able to continue using it without any loss of data, settings, or history.

Automatic Backup

All of the settings, the current data & the logs are backed up hourly, daily, weekly & monthly to the user’s secure area in Cloud.  The backed up content is retained for up to 12 months, depending on the period covered by the backed up content, after which time it is deleted automatically.

Manual Restoration

If the system needs to be restored, a Micro SD can be flashed, and the Raspberry Pi can also be replaced, if the user wishes to do so.

The Pi is booted up, and the USB network adapters are re-attached to the Raspberry Pi.

The version of the backed up data to be restored is selected, and the automatic recovery is initiated. 

Automatic Recovery

The selected version of the Control System is downloaded, and all of the backed-up data, including the device profiles and the historical data is restored automatically.

All of the device connections, the Apps, Activators, Actions, etc. are all restored automatically.  This leaves the Control System fully functional, without any further manual intervention, and its operation continues where it left off.

USB Memory Device

The Iris camera video recordings are being saved to a memory device plugged into one of the Raspberry Pi’s USB ports.  This can be anything from a memory stick to a hard drive. 

Once this facility has been released, this same USB memory device will also be made usable for the local storage of the system back-ups, which removes any reliance on the Cloud.  The complete back up set, covering all time periods, requires about 2.5GB.


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