I sure do miss the activity that we used to have here

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Like the title says, I miss the activity, discussions and exchange of information that we used to have here.  I recognized all of the characters by their avatar and pretty much could predict how they would respond to certain posts.  I had moved on to SmartThings and then quickly to Hubitat and I am active on both of their respective forums but what we had here, is missing there. 



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I hear you on that one. I find the other platforms much harder to find resolutions to your problems partly because they are so open. With iris there were relatively few devices that you could use and the functionality was limited, so it was easier for someone to help guide you to a solution. With HE or ST there are so many devices, custom device handlers and complex rules to set things up it is much more difficult to find the actual problem. Every few months I have issues with my SHM and it goes away before I find a solution. I think part of it has to do with platform updates but I can't be sure.


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