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 would not see where it couldn't be added to a wifi extender or media hub that had an ethernet port.


Actually - when I originally setup my Iris I had it in the middle of my house and I plugged it into my Sonos speaker (which has ethernet ports that connect back wirelessly to the router).  So it worked fine as long as the port has connection back free to the router.

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I was giving some people some options as it's cheaper to go with the WiFi Ethernet option then it is to get the Powerline. Please remember the Powerline option has different speeds. The faster it is the more money it is. Some work better then others as well. Options, options, options. Because if you use a Powerline you'll use up an outlet as these MUST be plugged directly into an A/C outlet, no power strips and unless it's one that has an additional outlet for A/C on it, you're losing an outlet. Where as a Wireless N Ethernet bridge you just need any regular outlet. 

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I actually JUST purchased this a few minutes ago to do this..



It'll arrive on Monday.  I can update then with how it works if you want!  

I just wanted to provide an update for this particular WIFI extender.  I have received it, installed it, and I will be returning it due to consistent WIFI signal drop-outs.  something reliable is necessary to be worth while when it has to do with Security. I'd recommend looking elsewhere for anyone that may possibly be considering this unit! 

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